Journal of Mixed Methods Studies

Ilhan Gunbayi
Systematic Curriculum and Instructional Development for a Mixed Methods Research: SCID-MMR

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Gunbayi, I. (2020). Systematic curriculum and instructional development for a mixed methods research: SCID-MMR. Journal of Mixed Methods Studies, Issue 1, 1-27 [Online]

Abstract. The aim of this study is to present a learning package which provides the necessary knowledge and attitudinal information, and practice opportunities based on SCID (Systematic Curriculum and Instructional Development) for the task of developing a Mixed Methods Research (MMR) correctly. SCID-MMR (Systematic Curriculum and Instructional Development for Mixed methods Research) is a learning package for guidance of a mixed methods research. This learning package is organized based on three enabling objectives: practice writing methodology of MMR data, practice analyzing MM data and practice discussing and concluding results of MMR data. To achieve those three enabling objectives, a learner should follow the steps of learning activities consisting of information sheet with samples of author’s and others’ quantitative, qualitative and MMR articles published in various journals, self-check model questions and answers, and practice exercises in addition to final performance test and standards.

Keywords: Systematic curriculum and instructional development, mixed methods research

2020 Issue 1