Journal of Mixed Methods Studies

Volkan Askun, Rabia Cizel
Twenty Years of Research on Mixed Methods

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Askun, V. & Cizel, R. (2020). Twenty years of research on mixed methods. Journal of Mixed Methods Studies, Issue 1, 28-43 [Online]

Abstract. This research is a qualitative study based on systematic analysis of the articles on mixed methods via the bibliometric analysis using the R programming language. Thus, this study analyzed articles using mixed methods in journals in the Web of Science database. 1,623 articles, which was published in 1999-2018 and included ‘mixed methods research’ in the article title, abstract or keywords, were analyzed as a whole. This analysis was the bibliometric analysis using the R programming language. At the same time, content analysis was used to show the relationships between the subdomains of the studies using mixed methods and the development of time. The study focused more on resource impacts, the most cited countries, keyword plus cloud, co-occurrence network, co-citation, author collaboration. The study results in a discussion about the use of mixed methods on the part of future studies.

Keywords: Mixed methods, network analysis, co-citation analysis, bibliometric analysis

2020 Issue 1