Journal of Mixed Methods Studies

Gülsüm Sertel
Metaphoric Images of School Managers on Covid-19 Pandemic Process: A Mixed Method Research

Abstract. This research was done to reveal the metaphorical images formulated by school managers working in educational institutions affiliated to the Ministry of National Education on covid-19 pandemic process. Each participant answered a standard open-ended questionnaire form, “If I am to formulate a metaphor to describe Covid-19 pandemic process as a school manager… I would formulate…. Because….. The raw data obtained from the answers to the open-ended questionnaire were analyzed both quantitatively and qualitatively. School managers formulated 34 different metaphors on Covid-19 Pandemic Process. These metaphors were grouped under eight different conceptual categories with their common features. The categories in question differed according to the gender of participants. Findings provided detailed information on how school managers perceived the pandemic process. These findings can be used to improve management processes, education, and training services in schools.

Keywords: School manager, metaphor, covid-19, pandemic

2021 Issue 3