Journal of Mixed Methods Studies

Melek Özkayacan
Learning English Via Body Language: Angel Body Language

Abstract: In this study, the effect of Angel Body Language (ABL) technique was investigated to obtain instant translations between Turkish and English languages. Turkish and English sentence structures are quite different from each other. Especially Turkish students cannot speak English easily. There are 10 different sentence structures in ABL technique. In every sentence structure, a lot of different tasks are given via hands, arms and fingers. Thus, when a message is sent to the brain and by using body with ABL technique, the conversation is performed quickly and accurately. In this research, the study group consisted of 16 volunteer participants. Participants’ ages, educational status, professions, English language levels were different from each other. To the participants, 8 English lessons were given using ABL technique and lessons were video-recorded and also observation notes were used. And it was understood that ABL technique helped talk fast in English regardless the capability of person’s gender, age, education level and English background.

Keywords: English speaking, ABL, speaking technique, fast speaking.

2021 Issue 4

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