Journal of Mixed Methods Studies

Gülsüm Sertel, İlhan Günbayı, Engin Karadağ
Management Practices and Managerial Qualifications in the Period of Crisis: Problems, Opportunities, and Novelties by the Pandemic: Phase I of a Multiphase Mixed Methods Research

Abstract: The research was carried out in order to reveal the perceptions of school administrators working in educational institutions affiliated to the Ministry of National Education regarding the COVID-19 pandemic process, the problems they experienced, the opportunities they had, the novelties they implemented and the characteristics that administrators should have in times of crisis. This research is phase I of the multi-phase mixed design, and the holistic multiple-case design, one of the qualitative research designs, was used. Semi-structured interviews were carried out with 38 school administrators working in public schools at different levels with the maximum diversity sampling method, observation and document analysis were done. As a result of the research, the problems faced by school administrators during the pandemic process, the opportunities they got for these problems and the managerial novelties they implemented at the institutional level made significant contributions to the new managerial leadership skills in the effectiveness of the management processes of the school administration in the period of crisis and the results will shed light on policy makers in making legal arrangements that will provide initiative in certain frameworks and conditions in the institution-specific practices of school administrators for crisis periods.

Keywords: covid-19, pandemic, crisis management, managerial qualifications, educational institutions

2021 Issue 4

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