Matrix Researched: Towards Full(er) Integration in Mixed Methods and Multiple Methods Research Via a Meta-Matrix Approach

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matrix, matrices, inter-respondent matrix, arts-based mixed methodological article, 1 1 = 1 integration approach, 1 1 = 3 integration approach, meta-methods research, mixed methodological way of thinking, monomethod way of thinking


In this arts-based mixed methodological article, a movie script—the first in a series of movie scripts—is used to
dramatize the journey of Ynot, an alias used by Professor Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie, as he navigates his first day
of unemployment after his forced early retirement from full-time academia. Ynot embarks on a journey to
demonstrate the power of integrating an array of qualitative and quantitative research approaches, methodologies,
philosophies, methods, techniques, concepts, language, modes, disciplines, fields, and/or teams within a single
study. Inspired by superheroes HalleBerryus and Mixedmethodus, Ynot aims to save the research world from
paradigm wars and methodological purism through the extensive use of the Inter-Respondent Matrix. This Matrix
is a tool for achieving a full(er) integration of research elements from the onset of studies, conceptualized by
Onwuegbuzie (2017) as the 1 + 1 = 1 integration approach. The story is set in a cinema where two lifelong friends,
Nilep and Ellah, excitedly await the screening of “Matrix Researched.” The narrative weaves through Ynot’s
realization of his mission, encounters with HalleBerryus and Mixedmethodus, and their guidance towards utilizing
the Matrix for fully integrating research methodologies. Alongside the narrative, the article delves into the
historical and theoretical underpinnings of matrices in research, demonstrating their application across various
fields, disciplines, cultures, and eras. The Matrix is portrayed as a versatile and powerful tool, not just in
quantitative and qualitative research, but also in bridging the gap between them via fully integrated mixed methods
research. Ynot’s journey symbolizes the potential for researchers to navigate and to integrate diverse research
elements to enhance the robustness and depth of their investigations. The superheroes’ guidance emphasizes the
significance of open-mindedness and creativity in research endeavors, encouraging a shift towards not only a
mixed methodological way of thinking but also a full(er) integration way of thinking. Ynot, HalleBerryus, and
Mixedmethodus stand united in advocating for a more inclusive and integrated approach to research, highlighting
the benefits of fully integrating qualitative and quantitative elements for a more comprehensive understanding of
complex and complicated research questions. The use of the Matrix, both as a metaphor and a practical tool, serves
as a central theme, illustrating the transformative power of mixed methods research in overcoming traditional
barriers stemming from a monomethod way of thinking and fostering innovation and insight in academic inquiry.




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Onwuegbuzie, A. J. . (2024). Matrix Researched: Towards Full(er) Integration in Mixed Methods and Multiple Methods Research Via a Meta-Matrix Approach. Journal of Mixed Methods Studies, (9), 1–81.

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