No. 2 (2020): Journal of Mixed Methods Studies

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Published: 2022-04-12

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  • A Mixed Methods Study of Student Engagement, Attitude, and Achievement in Grade 10 Mathematics

    Abstract views: 274 / PDF downloads: 178
    Jeff Irvine
  • Coast Guard Officer Candidates’ Metaphoric Perceptions about Being an Officer Candidate: A Mixed Methods Study

    Abstract views: 143 / PDF downloads: 93
    Tarkan Duzguncinar
  • The Principals’ Praxis of Pedagogical Leadership in Nurturing Teaching and Learning in Cambodian Primary Schools

    Abstract views: 289 / PDF downloads: 375
    Sath Sorm, Ilhan Gunbayi
  • Action Research as a Mixed Methods Research: Definition, Philosophy, Types, Process, Political and Ethical Issues and Pros and Cons

    Abstract views: 3045 / PDF downloads: 1813
    Ilhan Gunbayi